Is the Audio Plugin Tutorial out of date?

I’m attempting to follow part 2 of the tutorial here and the bit where you set up the editor as a listener to the slider object is breaking on my OS-X build:

error build: Cannot initialize a parameter of type 'juce::Slider::Listener *' with an rvalue of type 'xxAudioProcessorEditor *'

This seems pretty basic. What am I missing?

Sounds like you missed to inherit Slider::Listener as described a few lines before the part where addListener gets called

Add the inheritance [2] and the default callback function [3] so the editor class looks like this:

class TutorialPluginAudioProcessorEditor : public juce::AudioProcessorEditor,
                                           private juce::Slider::Listener     
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Thank you. I knew I was missing something obvious. For some reason my brain refused to see it.