The problem of GUI and PluginEditor

Hi everyone. I am a newbie for JUCE and I have faced a problem of GUI in my plug-in but I really don't know how to tackle this.

I plan to have a slider for my audio plug-in to control parameters so I add "public SliderListener" in PluginEditor.h 

class TestAudioProcessorEditor  : public AudioProcessorEditor, public SliderListener

and when I compile this, the problem occurs: 

AudioProcessorEditor* TestAudioProcessor::createEditor()


    return new TestAudioProcessorEditor (*this);


/Users/user/Desktop/backup/Source/PluginProcessor.cpp:195:16: Allocating an object of abstract class type 'TestAudioProcessorEditor"


Even I create a new plug-in and insert "public SliderListener" in, there still has this problem. My JUCE is latest 3.10 and Xcode is 6.0.




If you read the error message in more detail, the compiler actually does a really good job of trying to explain what you've done wrong - it'll list the virtual methods that you need to implement in your class to be able to create a concrete instance of it.

Thanks a lot. I understand what you meant and maybe I should do more reading about C++ to improve my foundation...