createEditor() issue

Hey everyone, I'm just starting out in Juce, so sorry if this might be a basic issue. When I try to build my VST(32 bit) in XCode, it tels me:

.../Source/PluginProcessor.cpp:221:16: Allocating an object of abstract class type 'MyPlugAudioProcessorEditor'  

AudioProcessorEditor* MyPlugAudioProcessor::createEditor()


    return new MyPlugAudioProcessorEditor (this);



I have built other example plugins without this issue. I'm not sure where the problem is.

Have you inherited your editor class from any other classes than AudioPluginProcessorEditor? e.g Slider::Listener, you usually get that error if you forget to implement/overload virtual functions that are defined but unimplemented in the base class. (virtual void exampleFunction() = 0;)

If you read the error log more carefully it should contain info about which virtual functions you've not implemented.

Got it, thanks! missed implementing a slider properly.