Redwood Audio Tutorial


I try to follow the Redwood Audio tutorial, when I compil at the end of the second page (Project Setup (per VST)), I get this error:

Constructor for ‘StereoWidthCtrlAudioProcessorEditor’ must explicitly initialize the base classe ‘juce::audioprocessorEditor’ which does not have a default constructor

I couldn't find any post about it, if I understood well the AudioProcessorEditor class reference it should be working but it doesn't :(

If anyone has a guess ?



Same problem here! Did you find a solution?

I've only had a quick look at the source code for this tutorial, but if you look at PluginEditor.cpp you can see the following:

StereoWidthCtrlAudioProcessorEditor::StereoWidthCtrlAudioProcessorEditor (StereoWidthCtrlAudioProcessor* ownerFilter)
    : AudioProcessorEditor(ownerFilter)   /* This is the second line */
    addAndMakeVisible (label = new Label ("new label",
                                          "Stereo Width Factor:"));

The second line explicitly initialises the base class, so the error only makes sense if that second line is missing. This line is generated by adding AudioProcessorEditor(ownerFilter) to the member initialiser list in step 2 (see below).






i'm having trouble compiling at the same spot (Project Setup (per VST)),

error is different

c:\users\user\documents\stereowidthctrl\source\pluginprocessor.cpp(169): error C2664: 'StereoWidthCtrlAudioProcessorEditor::StereoWidthCtrlAudioProcessorEditor(StereoWidthCtrlAudioProcessor *)' : cannot convert parameter 1 from 'StereoWidthCtrlAudioProcessor' to 'StereoWidthCtrlAudioProcessor *'
1>          No user-defined-conversion operator available that can perform this conversion, or the operator cannot be called


got it solved and realized i did not provide any code.

anyway solutions is to replace *this with this

AudioProcessorEditor* StereoWidthCtrlAudioProcessor::createEditor()
    return new StereoWidthCtrlAudioProcessorEditor (*this);

Same problem here, and I solved it by replacing '*this' with 'this' , hope it's the best way to fix it.