Is there a BPM Tempo Calculator?

Hello & greetings Folks,

How can I calculate bpm of a song (not from host), is there any New/Working library for this ? (opensource or not)

Thank you very very much

It’s a complicated thing to solve on your own, especially if you consider that most songs that use real instruments drift in tempo.

IMO, the best library for this is Auftakt from Zplane: zplane Licensing - Technology .

Thanks for the reply mate but that is too expensive for me, also no testing.

Do you know something else ? I’ve tried Teragon Audio’s Beat Counter but it’s too bad. (pc version)

It’s been a long time since I’ve looked into this! Unfortunately I don’t recall of any other solutions off hand…

It seems you’ve created two posts with the same idea for some reason… Others have posted alternatives: BPM Calculator / Tempo Finder - #4 by aamf

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