Is there a way to use multiple AudioProcessorGraphs?

Basically I want to have a AudioProcessorGraph object for each synthesizer voice. When assigning AudioGraphIOProcessor’s audioOutputNode as the last node of each graph it just takes the last or first (not sure can’t remember) graph connected and ignores all others, and doing it through a shared “dummy” node which I create and assign all other graphs to it (which lives in the chosen holy graph) doesn’t work as well.

I’m out of ideas and doing further diving to understand the source code well enough to solve this would take me too much time and IQ, hence why I’m asking for your technical support.

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Why wold you want to have multiple AudioProcessorGraphs? My guess is you want to have different processors “grouped” to easily activate/mute them, but nothing prevents you from “hanging” all the other processors from a single one like a tree data structure to say something, and just channel everything from there.
If you want a group of processors to be enabled or disabled just setup an atomic global flag/variable for each group, and inside every Processor’s processBlock function just put a condition with that specific group flag that when it ain’t true it just returns and don’t process data. Want more safety? Manage the atomic flag with lockfree queues