Graph of graphs(AudioProcessorGraph)

Hi All,

I have various components in the application. I have a requirement where I need to create graph(AudioProcessorGraph) of graphs(AudioProcessorGraph). Is it possible to create graph of graphs or do i need to get the nodes from child graphs and wire them into the final graph.


An AudioProcessorGraph is itself an AudioProcessor, so yes, you should be able to embed one.

I just implemented a (very) simple graph (ArazGraph) class which could be used in various places. I have it committed to github:
Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions to improve it! :slight_smile:

I tried that a while back and couldn’t get it to work – let me know if you have success.



Your graph seems to be a data plot graph. The topic of this forum thread is a graph data structure which is a very different thing. In Juce there is the AudioProcessorGraph which is used to connect together AudioProcessor objects. It’s not a visual/GUI thing at all as such.

Yes you are right! it is a data plotter.