AudioProcessorGraph inside AudioProcessorGraph

I'm trying to use a Graph inside another Graph.

I add the audio callback with the AudioProcessorPlayer on the parent Graph, everything works as expected.

But when I add a childGraph node (childGraph have audioInputNode/audioOutputNode) to the parentGraph, the childGraph does'nt seem to have any input/output. So i can't connect the child to the audioInputNode/audioOutputNode of his parent.


DBG(parentGraph->getNumInputChannels()); // returns 2 (returned 0 before the addAudioCallBack(graphPlayer))
DBG(parentGraph->getNumOutputChannels()); // returns 2


DBG(childGraph->getNumInputChannels()); // returns 0
DBG(childGraph->getNumOutputChannels()); // returns 0

Am I missing something? Is it even possible to nest graphs like that? 

I couldn’t get it to work…