Is there any publicly available plugin industry data?

I am wondering if any data is publicly available that might give some solid indication of the market size? For example, how many people use certain DAWs? Or roughly how many units a typical plugin effect vendor sells within a year? Anything at all along these lines would be of interest to me.

3 Likes has some interesting data in reagrds to plugins and there use in DAWs. It’s very targeted to EDM style music but basically it’s an online storage and collaboration tool in which they are able to read you DAW sessions and see what fx and instruments you have used. From that you can then see which plugins are the most popular. Go to plugins >> charts to see the most popular plugins, you can look at the useage of each individual plugin if you click view details

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Just noticed that ROLI’s own Blend also has basically the same feature

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The NAMM show has a report with some overall market size stats in it. You can infer some aspects of the market size from that - though it’s not very granular.


Music Trades magazine publishes in-depth stats for all the major companies in the industry.


Awesome. Thanks for the help guys