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G’day all,

I’ve never released a DAW plugin before, but I’ve spent a lot of time to create a plugin. I’ve only the “JUCE Personal Free” licence but that should be OK, since I’ve not made a single dollar and even when I start making money, it will not reach the limit of gross income. When that happens some day, I’ll upgrade. Now I need you help in order to make that happen :smiley: because I’d love to upgrade some day…

What is the best way to release a new plugin as a newbie? I’m an individual and would start with a homepage, but I was thinking about releasing a limited free version in stores that allow to release free VST plugins. And a full version that people can buy (in probably other marketplaces, that are more commercial)…

Now, do you guys know marketplaces where you can release free VSTs?

I know some commercial marketplaces (to sell plugins), but they are not really keen to add a new plugin that has never released before.

So I’d be happy to get some advice - general or regarding marketplaces, where I could distrubute it a) for free or b) have a chance to sell it.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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You should check out the license terms here before concluding that you don’t need to buy a license, an important fact to consider is whether you are showing the ‘Made with JUCE’ splash screen or not.

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Thank you. Showing the splash screen is no problem at all. I’ve read the terms and when I understand it correctly, I don’t have to upgrade when I’m not making more gross revenue as $50,000 and I’m ok with the splash screen and the analytics tracking that they do in the background [EDIT: or when the revenue is higher, then it muste be an open-source GNU project]. I’m ok with this, and it should be OK for the user when I write it in the terms and conditions. If I’m wong, please someone from JUCE contact me.

To release a limited free version should be always OK I think. However, I start a new thread for that to make sure.

Anyway, that licensing thing was just the introduction of my text :smiley: that explains, that I don’t have a “basement”, I start from nothing. Ah, so I’m really interested regarding the marketplaces and how to “find” possible customers. So this thread should please focus on that topic :slight_smile:

It is probably quite easy to collect together the names of websites that list news on music plugins, there are many, when you release a product send them a professional press release. Many will publish that on their page quite willingly. Just search the names of new products that were released recently and you will find these sites.

You should also find it quite simple to stand up your own website to host your plugin from, many have excellent tools to help you design the site without knowledge of web design. Some even will give you the tools to set up a simple store and do a little SEO so search engines find you. If you have friends skilled in design, call in a favour, if not there will be plenty of attractive templates to use and just make sure you have appealing screenshots of the product in use, tips and tricks on how to use it, and if you can get testimonials from professionals or even respected well-known forum users it will help you instil confidence in the product.

Bear in mind that selling on third party sites may reduce your effort initially, but to stand out there you will need to engage in the usual price slashing game that your competitors will be playing. Very few marketplaces will do much to help you promote a product without it looking like bargain of the day, and think hard about pricing / brand perception if you want to get into that game from day one because it isn’t something you can easily retreat from.

I would also suggest you make sure you run a beta test and have the patience to give people time to find problems, you want this to work in a wide variety of hosts without a bunch of problems on day one without show-stopper problems hijacking your positive message about the new release!

Best of luck with your product, I hope you find success and pleasure in your journey.


Thanks for your hints

It’s even better, it’s 500k revenue, not 50k :slight_smile:
And the analytics requirement was removed for JUCE6.

For the first plugin it is probably a good idea to do it as giveaway, like you intended.
Some markets are tough, even with giveaways on ProTools I had zero to little feedback back then.

A good place because it has no entry barriers is kvr:
Only to highlight your plugin or include it in newsletter is an investment, if you want to go that route. But showing the plugin in action on youtube is probably the most effective.

There are plenty of things you can do, which one works is a mystery, just start trying with the ones, that don’t cost (or don’t cost too much). If you can endorse artists with your plugin, do it, that is the best investment (as long as they don’t ask for money). Some might do it just because they like your idea…

EDIT: oops, I confused the limit with the indie one… you were right about the 50k of course

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Thanks daniel. Another good set of hints. I appreciate it. Others are welcome, too :slight_smile:

P.S. Regarding the revenue: The personal licence has a limit of 50k. Check this.