Is XGL/XEGL going to be supported in JUCE in the future?

The subject, in fact. :roll:

These are just openGl extensions, aren’t they?

:smiley: Not exactly, Jules.

Read this:
Watch this:

It seems that Windows and MacOSX are just nervously smoking aside looking at the GLX/GELX technology :lol:. Almost all Linux distributions today have that feature (it is turned off by default, but can be switched on). SuSE Linux 10.1 was the first (sure, 'cause Novell developed GLX) Linux distribution provided that technology. I tested it myself and was utterly excited! The graphical future of Linux is quite bright! Microsoft and Apple must consider that definitely!

BTW, in a few days, the new SuSE Linux 10.2 is going to be released! You may install it and test it yourself (use Gnome, KDE still has some problematic issues about GLX and Compiz). or

Yes, I had seen that. It does look good, but I’d have thought juce apps would work with it the same as any others?

Yeah, I’m fairly sure when I tried out compiz myself I had a juce app running on it. To be fair, OSX already has this kind of graphical wizardry (try switching users or triggering expose, for example), and I’m pretty sure Vista will have it too, since I’ve seen demos of some kind of wizzy window selection thing. XGL’s nice, but I don’t think anything revolutionary’s been done with it yet (I mean, the wobbly windows are fairly unique, but I’ve seen all the other stuff compiz/beryl does elsewhere).

And isn’t GLX just the name of the linux/sgi opengl implementation? So JUCE already uses it for the OpenGLComponent? I think you mean XGL (XGLX?), and XEGL. Then of course you’ve also got AIGLX (bloody acronyms…), which I think basically does the same thing.

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yep, XGL/AIGLX/XEGL/… WTFGL ! are really cool projects, they implement very well the idea of dynamic desktop, and some usability features they have are still my preferred over expose or upcoming vista (bleargh).
but sure i’m with niall, cause they don’t throw in nothing new into the bin.
on the contrary, this is something really Kool, really Unique IMHO:


What u think ? Love to get my hands on it soon ! ehehe


ah and of course JUCE has nothing to deal with XGL/compiz since they operate at a lower level, handling window composition and opengl calls to the hardware, JUCE apps are treated like any other apps by those technologies…

This is the desktop I would like:

Everything presented here just sucks comparing to this:
official site or can be seen here too:

[quote]Love to get my hands on it soon ![/quote] I feel the same but about multi-touch :smiley:

…and Vista graphics requires much more system resources comparing to GLX. A new graphic card for Vista? Much more RAM for Vista? Oh yeah, your majesty Vista! GLX does not require so much computer resources and works much more faster than Vista does. Much more!

…sure…JUCE works fine under Compiz as many other today applications under Linux, but …when I told about support for GLX I meant that Compiz and GLX would provide the new API to easily implement all such things as were described here in the thread and that applications would run more effectively using that technology even partly. To use that new API means supporting. The same I can tell about Vista. There are many new API functions to use in it to conform to the Vista requirements (e.g. problems with Aero - you must conform to Aero requirements). It is quite fair that Vista supports old API applications, but it requires new approaches to be applied to applications to support Vista fully. For example, old drivers are incompatible with Vista just now. Old games (Direct8/9) are not running good or not running at all under Vista. Vista compels me to buy new hardware to indulge that fat “girl”. So, nothing new even then. GLX left me feel much more solid then Vista. GLX requires only a video card that supports 3D rendering with shaders , that’s all. On my old Nv GF-6800, GLX works just excellent, but Vista behaves like a fat fat girl. Why you do not see further. GLX suggests the excellent base to hidden things which is not seen yet and sure, much more exciting than Vista can provide. OSX? It’s Unix now. What to say? A great future!

No. The inventor of GLX is Novell.

Read this:
Sure, there are many threads now out of GLX and Compiz.

Hooray! Open source SuSE Linux 10.2 has been released today! What a lovely day!!! :smiley:

No. The inventor of GLX is Novell.[/quote]
I don’t mean to be pedantic (well, I probably shouldn’t have started down this path with my last post… :oops:), but you’ve got your acronyms confused.

GLX refers to the basic sgi/linux opengl rendering functions. See the following links:

But what you’re talking about is XGL, which is an X server architecture used to accelerate the basic rendering of, well, everything on X, whether it’s been written specifically to use opengl or not. Links:
(also, um… the links you posted yourself)

Personally, I’m kind of wary of Novell since that deal with Microsoft, though there’s no doubt a proper opengl window manager is potentially very useful. I’m actually wondering now how easy it would be to get Twindy working with XGL, though I’m not sure it would be particularly useful in that case.

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[quote=“Ptomaine”]Everything presented here just sucks comparing to this:
official site or can be seen here too:

yeah truly amazing, but then i just have to sell my ass to afford that monitor cause i can’t run it on my puter with my simple LCD…

why don’t u start making a wrapper ? sure if it is interesting some other people could help… what i would like to see implemented in JUCE (linux) is proper handling of system clipboard, external file dropping and jack audio support first… maybe after…

Sorry, my mistake :oops: . Sure, I’ve meant XGL.