Issue: DemoRunner for Android OS 12

Hello, I have recently purhased a new Android device (OS 12) and tried to build “DemoRunner”. I’ve found an issue as to several DSP programs which have a functionality of loading wav file (e.g. GainDemo.h, etc): It succeeds to load and play a file, but all the data is ZERO, that is, silent.(see below).

That issue is not recognized in case of Android OS 6.0.

Thanks for reporting. The issue should be resolved by this commit:

Hello, I’ve checked the contents and built demoRunner for Android 12.
(Using JUCE 7.0.2 and under the following situation)

It succeeds to load and play a wave file!

I’ve downloaded JUCE 7.0.4 and built one of examples “DemoRunner” (whose source codes are this time ‘intact’) for Android OS 12.

It works fine!