AudioPlaybackDemo is not loading files: permission denied

Hi there. I’m on develop branch and I’m facing new problem with Android (gradle 5.4.1, plug-in 3.5.2)

While loading file createInputStream always returns nullptr. I have RuntimePermissions and I see the permission dialog, and all is granted. I’ve tried using URL::createInputStream - no luck.
File::existsAsFile() returns true. So everything is fine, but while creating input stream i’m tracking result with error “Permission denied”.
So I’ve checked AudioPlaybackDemo and there is the same issue. The problem is present on real devices (Pixel 2, Nexus 7), as well as on emulated Pixel 3.

any ideas?

Hello. Can anyone confirm that AudioPlaybackDemo is loading files without problems on Android 10 devices?
Thank you

I have exactly the same problem.
I figured out that if I compress files into a .zip container then it is possible to create an InputStream from files within it.
Hope there will be a fix for this soon.