Playing sound files tutorial not working on android

I’m trying to make this (JUCE: Tutorial: Build an audio player) tutorial work on android. The problem is: juce::AudioFormatManager.createReaderFor(file) returns nullptr (and so audio isn’t played by the app), despite the fact that my code logs that file exists and has .wav extension.
Some more info:

  • read from external storage is enabled in projucer
  • tried to change the path to an existing path on my emulator - /storage/emulated/0/Download/file_example_WAV_10MG.wav" - got the same result
  • also tried to use WavAudioFormat.createReaderFor, but got the same result

I also understand that this tutorial is suited for “mac, Linux, and windows”, but I need to process file audio in some way, and I didn’t find other sources of code examples to build upon them.

If I missed something in this description - please, let me know