AudioPlayback demoRunner demo does not provide a tree for files to select from

I suspect this is related to the other Permissions changes (i.e. no explicit check is provided, where needed)
I also expect PIPs to have the same issues (though I haven’t tried)

On Android the AudioPlaybackDemo should have a “Choose Audio File…” button instead of the file tree that is shown on desktop builds. The button opens up a native file chooser which is working fine for me both in the DemoRunner and as a PIP - what issues are you having?

Hi @ed95, not seeing that on the DemoRunner AudioPlayback.
Haven’t tried PIP, yet.
The only button I’m seeing on the page is Play/Stop (and Follow Transport check box / Zoom slider)
{I’ll attach in next post from my phone}

Ah, I see what’s happening - the button isn’t visible on devices with smaller screens. I’ll push something to sort this out.

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