issue LookAndFeel::drawFileBrowserRow

Its impossible to set the text-(and highlight) colour of a fileTreeComponent individually, because drawFileBrowserRow uses the global LookAndFeel.
Instead it would be better to pass a FileTreeComponent-reference , and “find” the colour from it.

This issue is related to this topic:

[quote]void LookAndFeel::drawFileBrowserRow (Graphics& g, int width, int height,
const String& filename, Image* icon,
const String& fileSizeDescription,
const String& fileTimeDescription,
const bool isDirectory,
const bool isItemSelected,
const int /itemIndex/,
if (isItemSelected)
g.fillAll (findColour (DirectoryContentsDisplayComponent::highlightColourId));[/quote]

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Thanks. It can actually cast a component from the DirectoryContentsDisplayComponent, so I can make it work without changing the method - will check that in shortly…