Issue Regarding Getting the DSP convolution Reverb up and running


I tried to implement the JUCE convolution engine but for some reason I am getting the following Jassert:

int FileInputStream::read (void* buffer, int bytesToRead)
// You should always check that a stream opened successfully before using it!
jassert (openedOk()); <------ Here is where the exception is raised

// The buffer should never be null, and a negative size is probably a
// sign that something is broken!
jassert (buffer != nullptr && bytesToRead >= 0);

auto num = readInternal (buffer, (size_t) bytesToRead);
currentPosition += (int64) num;

return (int) num;

How do people go about checking the stream.
Sorry if it is a dumb question, I am kind of a JUCE newbie.

Also in general, how are people loading their convolution IR files in JUCE

Any help is much appreciated!

You most likely have something incorrect with the path to the file you are trying to read, simplest approach is something like SpecialLocationType::applicationDirectory.getChildFile(“name.ext”)