Issue with DirectWrite Layout

Hi Jules,

I was investigating a bug reported by another developer on our plugins
and he suggested me to use Application Verifier.

I tried that and using it I’m came across a bug which may explain some stuff that I from time to time see when using DirectWrite layout
in an AlertWindow (on others in the forum as well, @bram :slight_smile: )

in the callback from
JUCE_COMRESULT DrawGlyphRun (void* clientDrawingContext, FLOAT baselineOriginX, FLOAT baselineOriginY, DWRITE_MEASURING_MODE,
DWRITE_GLYPH_RUN const* glyphRun, DWRITE_GLYPH_RUN_DESCRIPTION const* runDescription,
IUnknown* clientDrawingEffect)
I get baselineOriginY which is equals to -1 IND000

I think this is not supposed to happen.

Any idea what’s going wrong ?


VC2012 on Windows 7 64bits

I think it’s a 64-bit windows bug… Also here:

I see.
Well looks like it doesn’t happen only the first time if you use Application verifier which maybe reinitialize some stuff at each call.

Good to know