Issue with Juce and "Sound Siphon" util

This util lets you send audio between apps on OS X (10.9-10.11): 

However, it doesn't seem to work with the Juce Demo.  Selecting Sound Siphon as the input device in the Audio Settings Demo returns an error: "Couldn't change sample rate".

I tried debugging in XCode to see where this error was being generated, but my breakpoints weren't being hit :(.  Bah Xcode!

Anyway this problem occurs in a fresh, unmodified copy of Juce, so I'm wondering if it's a Juce issue, or rather an issue with the Sound Siphon util.


We recently changed some stuff in the CoreAudio device code to make it handle devices that can't change their rate. Are you sure you're running the latest version?

I downloaded Juce a couple days ago from the "Download JUCE for Mac" link on the web site.  I guess that's not the tip.  It says Juce 3.2.0, latest revision 22/07/2015.

Perhaps it could be more clear that the download link is a "stable" release, but older, and GitHub might be newer?  Experienced users might know this intuitively, but from a quick glance, it's hard to tell what the difference is.

Anyway I will try the latest from GitHub and report back.

EDIT: yes, the tip works :).  Thanks.