Issue with JUCE_HTTPSocketStream::open

Hi Jules,

It seems there is an issue regarding redirecting url on mac.

I’m not able to connect to the following URL on mac while it works on windows.

It used to work some time ago, so I think it’s related to mods regarding HTTP 1.0 header or something like that


Ok… Could it just be that your server only does http1.1? (sorry, I’m not much of an expert on this network stuff…)

then why would it work on pc?

The PC networking is completely different - it uses win32 methods to manage the connection. On the mac/linux, it uses raw sockets and has to do all the negotiating itself.

after some digging, the issue seems to be related to the URL redirection.
Our webserver have an url rewritting script which add the www when the user didn’t put it.
however we have put the www in our url.

so I think there is some kind of issue in this code handling the redirection as windows handles it correctly.

still I don’t know what precisely.

maybe just like on windows, there is some code handling high level concept like http in cocoa which will solve this kind of issues ?

In the meantime, we have remove the URL rewriting, so it works.
So unfortunately, you no more can test with this URL