Issue with startNote from synthesiserVoice

Would anyone be able to help with this? I’m currently working on tutorial #22 for Juce on Theaudioprogrammer’s channel which is about receiving midi input for a synth plugin.

The issue I’m having is that the startNote method (inherited from SynthesiserVoice) doesn’t seem to be triggering whenever I press a note on my midi keyboard or at all for that matter.

I’ve confirmed that the plugin is receiving proper midi input by placing a debug print statement within a different method inside AudioProcessorPlayer which also uses MidiMessages to print out the note number

Other methods from SynthesiserVoice seem to be working properly including stopNote and renderNextBlock so the only issue is the startNote function.

(Ignore the line “level = velocity”)

SOLVED. I figured out that the reason for this was that Visual Studio was configured to build the standalone application by default. By changing it to build only the VST3 I was able to fix my issue. This has been an issue for 2 days so I hope this helps someone else in the future.