Issue with VS2005


If anyone is using Visual Studio 2005, can you confirm this issue, when exporting a project with the Introjucer:

  • The solution has to be converted (Conversion wizard pops up).
  • If you open a Visual Studio 2005 solution file with Notepad, the file version reads “9.00”
  • The introjucer fails to load Visual Studio on the “Open visual Studio” button


Yes, Yes, No here. I suspect launching could have to do with file associations, but would have to look at the Introjucer source to confirm.

The bigger problem I had with 2005 was that the modules branch now uses newer headers in some modules than the platform SDK bundled with VC2005.

Building with VC2010 has been very smooth (I use Pro, but I’m sure the Express version would work too).

Ok, so, Jules, can you change the exporter for Visual Studio 2005 to use version = 9.00 instead of 8.00 in the xml to avoid conversion wizard to pop up.

No problem, though I seem to remember that it was 9.00 and I changed it back to 8.00 for some reason that I’ve now forgotten… Both the project and solution files contain a version number - anyone know if they both need to be 8.00, or is it just the .sln?

For me, the project is 8.00 but the sln is 9.00. I think it’s the rule.

Maybe I got it wrong last time by making them both the same… Ok, I’ll set them to 8 and 9.