Issues moving from old host parameter solution to new one

Hi, if I release a plugin with the old host automation system and then update the code to use the new one at a future point will there be any issues? I’m guessing not, but just wanted to verify…


What exactly do you mean with “old host automation system” (there’s been so many :wink:)? Are you using AudioProcessor::getParameter/AudioProcessor::setParameter ?

If yes, then you can upgrade to the new parameter system but you need to set JUCE_FORCE_USE_LEGACY_IDS in the Projucer.

hi. yes, that’s exactly what I’m using - getparameter/setparameter

Ah, thx - I thought that flag was only if you’d used IDs that were -ve in the past, thx for the info.


PARAM would actually get you to the write right context :wink:

write/right ?? :wink:


Hi. is this a flag or does it go in the PreProcessor definitions section?

It’s a preprocessor, but safest would be to toggle it within Projucer from the audio_plugin_client module.

thx - I always forget there are options there!