Issues with M1

thx, but it’s not a validation issue, all plugins validate fine. it’s when the plugin is loaded by AUHostingServiceXPC that there’s an issue sometimes.

Just started on my M1 journey.

Did anyone figure out how to attach a debugger to AUHostingServiceXPC? Crash reports are getting me so far, but being able to actually debug would make this a whole lot easier.

not me so far, not been on this recently, though will be back on it in a couple of weeks.

If you disable SIP then you should be able to attach the debugger to AUHostingServiceXPC_arrow (I had to attach to the ‘_arrow’ version). Works here.

I posted to the Apple dev forum about this and received a response from Apple support:

Important: Don’t leave SIP disabled.

Also, I’ve been able to debug the JUCE AudioPluginHost without fooling around with SIP.

sucks that there’s no way to do this without disabling SIP.

Thanks. My problems seem to be specific to Logic though, so debugging in other hosts doesn’t tell me much.

Yeah, there’s issues with the new sandboxing system that just cannot be reproduced in audio plugin host

there probably is a way, add the entitlement to the app you want to debug, inject a library that intercepts the AU XPC service loading call, and make it load an alternative XPC service which has the debugging entitlements…

sounds worse :wink:


ok, so I’ve given this a go.
disabling SIP worked and allowed me to attach to the _arrow process and set a breakpoint in the plugin init code which got called !

unfortunately there is no DBG logging in the window and if I let the plugin run, it just ends without stopping (i.e. hitting a crash point) and Logic then displays the same “unstable” dialog.

so progress, but still no idea what is causing the crash.

So I managed to trace through and the as soon as I step over the return in this function then Logic pops up the dialog:

Not really sure what to do with this information… :slight_smile:


OSStatus ComponentBase::AP_Close( void *self)

still gets called so it looks like the plugin is still alive and has not crashed, it’s just that the hosting process has decided it’s not ok for some reason…?

still can’t believe there’s no info from Apple on this process and it’s just a black box.

Not sure what type of plugins people are having problem with here, but a basic midi fx plugin will not start:


You should run Logic under rosetta until your 3rd party plugins are ported. This will probably fix your problems.

Find Logic in your /Applications folder, right click, select Get Info, then tick the “Open using Rosetta” checkbox.

LOVe YAll Vincent <3

That doesn’t help I don’t think. These are our plugins which have been ported…

I am having the same issue, can’t hit any breakpoint in ported plugins.
I see that one week ago they submitted a bug regarding it in:

Lets hope they will fix it soon.

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Update from Apple regarding disabling SIP to to debug Logic:

“Unfortunately, disabling SIP in order to being able to debug AUHostingServiceXPC_arrow is the only solution right now. We are investigating alternatives to make this possible in the future.”


Has the situation improved in someway with the latest Logic Update?