Issues with vscode wrapping

Hey, I’m going on a new run and want to get some more time on JUCE, lately I’ve been moving to vscode and enjoying it alot, I’m trying to get JUCE to work on vscode but having a bit of hard time to config the project correctly, I got in my cpp_properties and settings the relevant libraries but I’m getting all sorts of errors, like its still not finding things in the project, though it seems to identify the libraries, just not the stuff in it, got also CMake setup and CMakeLists, everything seems to work generally and outside of JUCE I got my c++ stuff working and compiling, but it seems that I’m missing something about working with JUCE libraries.
Please help a newbie to get his glory start with JUCE :smile:

everything sort of looks like that. the include part seems to be fine.

I Cant attach my cpp properties and CMakeLists file but I think they are set correctly, more confused about the unidentified stuff

I seem to remember this post being a nice one:

Does that help?

There’s also some stuff on the forum about cmake extensions overriding settings, don’t know if that is relevant to you.

If you’re using CMake, you shouldn’t need a c_cpp_properties file, just let the cmake extension do it all for you!

Im trying to use CMake but keep getting those errors on my IDE, very frustrating, basically was trying to get it right via the CMakeLists but I dont think my error is there, really can’t understand what I’m doing wrong here.
tried to include sub directory with all the modules but still no success, any thoughts?

Off topic, but @ImJimmi, do you by any chance know how to install the extension offline? The .vsix I found seemed to need/be a few dependencies rather than a full working extension.

Are you getting errors when you actually try to build the app too?

Sometimes vscode (or more specifically intellisense) isn’t very good at finding JUCE symbols, but the project will compile just fine. Can you share any build errors if any?

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I’ve no idea, sorry! Maybe if you can get the .vsix for the dependencies too?

I’ll try that, thanks.

Back on topic, I’m sure ImJimmi’s right that the extension should cover it but I have in the past tried pointing intellisense to the Cmake-generated JuceHeader file.

Perhaps you could show your CmakeLists.txt? It’s hard to say what is wrong without it.