Lots of errors when I open the source folder in VSCode

I’m trying to start a new JUCE project, but sadly, when I try to open the project folder in VSCODE, lots of errors appear. Some include ‘“AudioProcessorEditor” is not a nonstatic data member or base class of class “SimpleGainSliderAudioProcessorEditor”’ and ‘identifier “getLookAndFeel” is undefined’. Can anyone help?

P.S. I’ve opened the project folder directly in VSCode because the button in Projucer is grayed out. Also, I’m on a mac.

Visual Studio is not VS Code.

Typically you would wrap Visual Studio projects, like JUCE can generate, with a launch.json in VS Code. You’ll also need to setup include paths for the parser to resolve symbols.

But in any case you’ll need Visual Studio installed.

I just noticed you said macOS. I don’t know if JUCE even works with macOS Visual Studio for mac. Maybe you can use Xcode instead?

There’s some tips here for setting up VSCode on Linux:

It might help for Mac too. Xcode would certainly be easier to set up, but it’s not my favourite IDE… As above, you would have to create a launch JSON that calls xcodebuild or cmake…