Completely new to JUCE...can't get demo project to open in Visual Studio Code

I went to open existing project and chose the demo. From the Juce window I clicked the icon to open the project in Visual Studio 2017 and chose o open it in Visual Studio Code (I don’t have the full VS). The only file it opens is demorunner.sln. It doesn’t open the folder with all the code files.

I also tried creating a new GUI project and sending it to VS Code… same result. It just opens a .sln file and that’s it.

1)Is JUCE compatible with VS Code or do I need the full Visual Studio?
2) If it is compatible, what do I need to do to get the full project to open in VS Code?

imho VS Code is more or less a text-editor, in contrast Visual Studio 2017 is full Development Environment with integrated C++ Compiler.
You can get Visual Studio Express for free.

The one you’re looking for is probably VIsual Studio Community edition. I’ve used it for a couple of years now, and it’s very good.


No, Projucer is not compatible with Visual Studio Code.

JUCE itself however technically doesn’t require you to use Projucer and a compatible IDE (Visual Studio on Windows), but it’s kind of tricky to set up projects to build without those. (And it’s not really worth it trying to figure it out if you are a newcomer to C++ and JUCE.) Like was mentioned, Visual Studio Community can be used and is free. (Visual Studio Express is as far as I know obsolete at this point.)