Projucer wont open VSC as an exporter, only opens xcode

i am new to juce and am a bit disappointed at the lack of any type of real instruction or support with this platform.
I created a new projucer project for making a vst plugin. in the projucer window all of the c++ source code and .h code is there but projucer will not let me open visual studio code directly. I have to completly make a new project and select xcode.
That will open up visual studio code but none of the source files are there. Only one long file with “project.pbxproj” with about 400 lines of code.
i have produced music for years and have been coding for about two years and really want to be able to do this project, its unfortunate there is no real lessons other than the short tutorials. and there really is no support for this.
is this really the best way to create music software? What music software companies use this? Does native, Izotope?

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As a beginner, Xcode is what you should be using on Mac. Visual Studio Code requires using cmake instead of the Projucer, which is not beginner friendly.