Trouble using Projucer to export my project to visual studio code 2017 on mac

Why won’t Projucer allow me to use visual studio code 2017 on my mac? I have selected visual studio code 2017 as a “native IDE I want to use to build and debug my app,” so I am a bit confused about what I am missing. Any help is greatly appreciated. I’m a newbie to JUCE by the way.

Hello, welcome to the forum.

Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code are different products from Microsoft. The Projucer does not support exporting projects for Visual Studio Code.

On macOs, you should use Xcode from Apple as your IDE.

Sorry I meant Visual studio not visual studio code; I use both so I just got mixed up. Is there any way i can use visual studio? I really don’t like xcode.

There is no Visual Studio for macOs. Using Xcode is (unfortunately) the path of least resistance. There may be other options to do Juce based development on macOs, but I haven’t yet explored those. Maybe someone else can chime in on possible alternatives.

Alright, thanks for the clarification.

Visual Studio for Mac does exist: However, it doesn’t support coding in C++.

Right, I always forget that thing exists too.