First time compile on Mac questions, e.g. can I copy over my Windows .jucer file, or should I make one from scratch on the Mac?

I’ve finished my first plugin in Windows, and now I’m aiming to compile a Mac version.

I’ve copied across all the assets and source code etc., and maintained the folder structure. I’ve also copied across the .jucer project file from Windows.

Is it OK to use this Windows .jucer file (I altered the global paths, added Xcode exporter etc.) or should I create a .jucer file from scratch on the Mac ?

Also, I installed VS2022 on the Mac because I am more familiar with it, but the Projucer doesn’t want to open it (Open in IDE). Alternatively, I tried to open it in Xcode and it displayed a “no editor” message.

Yes, but you must use the Xcode exporter on macOS. You can use the same .jucer file on multiple platforms, as long as that jucer file includes exporters for each of those platforms.

The Visual Studio exporters are only supported on Windows. You must use the Xcode exporter on macOS.

There’s not enough information here to diagnose the problem. What displayed the message? A screenshot might help.

I had to double-click on a .cpp file in XCode’s left panel to open it (I’m totally new to Xcode!). I added the exporter (image in 1st post now). Learning the basics of XCode is probably better than trying to get VS2022 working I’m guessing.

There are some warnings XCode is throwing at me that VS is not.

juce::PopupMenu::Options options; options.withTargetComponent(&mGUIresizer_button) .withTargetScreenArea(mGUIresizer_button.getScreenBounds()); // Warning: Ignoring return value of function declared with 'nodiscard' attribute
Apparently options = options.withTarget...... . might work.

And some less important(?) depreciation warnings about writing XML to file etc. I’m getting too, but I’m guessing these depreciation ones should be OK to leave in for the moment.

I just built it. It did build OK with a couple of warnings. I have copy step enabled, and put a post build Run Script in “Build Phases”, which works well.
However, when I exit Xcode and Projucer and relaunch the project, the Run Script in Build Phases has vanished. I think Xcode autosaves, but I also manually saved, and Run Script had vanished then too.