Open Mac project on PC


Im migrating stuff from my macbook to a PC. Projucer defaults to opening files with XCode and I cant find a way to use a different IDE. Any tips?

Thanks /Bo

Did you add a “Visual Studio” target to your project? You’ll need that target in the project to build it on Windows … and you can’t really add it on MacOS, so its probably missing in your .jucer file. Add it as a new target, and then select it as your ‘current target’ when you re-open the .jucer file in Projucer …

fyi you can add any target from macOS (and presumably any other platform running Projucer), am I missing something for you to have said “you can’t really add it on MacOS”?

I’ve personally never had any issue. I do all my development on macOS and use Azure Pipelines to build my Windows and Linux targets.

Oh, sure - you can add the targets on MacOS, and it’ll update the .jucer file to include the target. But I’m yet to see Visual Studio 2019 running on MacOS. :slight_smile:

I think @danerius’ issue is that he just doesn’t have the Windows-based targets added to his .jucer file yet …

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