Ivory AudioUnit causes "you've called beginParameterChangeGesture twice in succession” ASSERT in my JUCE Host

I have written a plugin host in JUCE - using the normal AU AudioUnitPLuginInstance plugin hosting wrapper. 

The host works fine so far except when I open an instance of Ivory and via the plugin editor for Ivory try to change a parameter via rotary knob I get an ASSERT. 


This ALSO happens in the JUCE EXAMPLE Plugin Host Demo !!. 

in Xcode at the following point in AudioProcessor.cpp  : 


        // This means you've called beginParameterChangeGesture twice in succession without a matching
        // call to endParameterChangeGesture. That might be fine in most hosts, but better to avoid doing it.
        jassert (! changingParams [parameterIndex]);
        changingParams.setBit (parameterIndex);

Since this is MY Host - and the plugin is not under my control -  can I do anything in my JUCE host code to avoid this ASSERT while i'm debugging - without turning off the JUCE_DEBUG macro ? 



I've added a flag JUCE_DISABLE_AUDIOPROCESSOR_BEGIN_END_GESTURE_CHECKING which you could set to 0 if you want to forcably turn this off.

thanks Jules