JACK for Windows, request for MIDI

Hi Jules,

not sure if you noticed, but JACK has been available for Windows (and Mac) for some time now.
It is available as JACK2, a rewrite of the “old” JACK1 code in C++, with DBus and multi-core support.
(more details - http://trac.jackaudio.org/wiki/Q_differenc_jack1_jack2)

From the already very good points about JACK, like:

  • Low-Latency Audio
  • Time Sync Between Clients
  • Inter-connect Clients
  • Internal MIDI Support
  • Session support (new)

it brings a new cool feature when used in Windows:

  • Route ASIO apps to JACK

This allows to use many ASIO capable applications at the same time, and to connect/share audio data between them!
I believe this is a really cool feature, what do you think?

Another thing I wanted to mention is that JUCE does not support JACK MIDI yet (which you already know of course).
I can live with ALSA MIDI support for now, but JACK MIDI would be very cool.

btw, thanks for this great toolkit!

Is Jack still GPL? If so, wouldn’t that make it difficult for Jules to include for closed-source users?

hm… I guess…

what Jules do right now is load the JACK library when requested, instead of linking to it.