Jassert on samplerate not being set

Hi, after a recent pull a couple of my apps have started asserting here:

void MidiMessageCollector::reset ( const double newSampleRate)
const ScopedLock sl (midiCallbackLock);
jassert (newSampleRate > 0);

Neither of these apps use audio, but do use MIDI. Not sure why this has started happening, but I assume some default sample rate is not being set somewhere.

Any ideas?

A similar jasset happens for me when i’m testing something in AudioPluginHost, and I recently updated JUCE for my plugin, but forgot to rebuild APH. The jassert for me is in one of the juce **Voice classes, not a midi-related class. Samplerate isn’t set. Once I rebuild APH with the same version of juce the plugin is using, everything works fine.

I’m not sure if that’s helpful, but it’s a place to start the hunt for the solution.

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great - i’ll try that - thx