SampleRate wierdness

I noticed my plugins were no longer working properly in 96KHz mode, and discovered the sample rate was always being reported as 44.1khz. A little searching and i found this in jucevstwrapper.cpp :shock:

[code]void resume()
isProcessing = true;

    filter->sampleRate = getSampleRate();

    jassert (filter->sampleRate != 0);
    if (filter->sampleRate > 0)
        filter->sampleRate = 44100.0;   [/code]

i assume some kind of debug code left in by accident? :smiley:

…jeez… that’s appaling, sorry!

I guess what I meant to type was

if (filter->sampleRate <= 0)
            filter->sampleRate = 44100.0;

Must have been a late night after too much coffee!

I’m just uploading a new just version at the moment, so will throw up a new plugin wrapper version while I’m at it.