Juce 4.0 VST3/Reaper stereo workaround, anyone?

Continuing the discussion from Mono/stereo AU problems in Studio One:

Does anyone know of a workaround for this besides updating to the new 4.1/4.2 codebase? I am experiencing this issue with a project on the threshold of release, and can’t push it out to incorporate and retest the major changes involved with the 4.1/4.2 plug implementations. My project is based on [e1ff30d] (9 December 2015).

I copied the processAudio() code from the tip and renamed the getNumInputChannels() (and Output) methods and it seems to be (almost) working okay


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Thanks Rail, that does seem to work! (Now to regress it and make sure nothing else broke…)

If you find anything odd can you let me know – It seemed to be working fine here except I noticed that one of my mixer channels was sending to the wrong output bus… but I haven’t had time to dig into debugging that yet… so it may be my own issue.



Be aware that for surround plug-ins we may be re-order the channels on newer JUCE releases.