JUCE 4 and Continuous Delivery


we have some Questions about the new JUCE 4 Library. 

1. will the sourcecode be hosted on github to?

2. is the Introjucer still a maintaind part of JUCE 4?

Here is our CI Build Proccess:

1. Chechkout JUCE and other git submodules

2. Build Introjucer

3. Update JUCE Project Files with the fresh build of Introjucer

4. Rebuild Tests

5. Rebuild the Products 

As you see the first 3 Steps a hard dependent on JUCE Code on Github and a working JUCE Projekt Building Tool.

Apparently the new code is still available on JUCE Github, and the Introjucer has been updated as well as the JUCE source code...

Yeah, the whole github workflow should be just the same as it always was.