Juce 4.XX Logic Pro Multiple instances of the same Plugin garbage audio bug

While bug hunting on my own synth I found an issue where garbage audio would be produced in one instance if another instance was playing audio while Logic Pro X was in play mode.  The problem seems not be an issue in ableton (neither two vsts, two AUs, or mixed would produce the problem).  I looked at my instructions and nothing was public that shouldn't be as far as I could tell so I tested the demo plugin to make sure that it was my instructions that were causing the problem and it seemed two work.  I compared my instructions to those of the demo plugin and nothing obvious stood out.  Then I realized that my version of the demo plugin was compiled in juce 3 and that problem might be in the juce 4 api so tried recompiling the demo plugin in juce 4 and when I tested it sure enough the issue came up.

sorry if the explantion is too long but I just wanted to be clear.

Edit my version of Logic is 10.2.0

Most likely you have some static/global variables that are shared between the instances, and are interfering.

As I said it also happens for the juce demo plugin but only the juce 4 version

Sorry, it was hard to understand exactly what you meant about the demo. We'll have a look asap.

I'll post my git if that helps.


and sorry if the tone of the last comment was seemed off.  Just to be clear I'm completely greatful to you and your team for making this wonderous bit of software.

Hmmm. I can't seem to re-reproduce this issue. Neither the juce plug-in demo nor your code has any issues on my mac. Which OS X version are you on?

Hi fabian I'm on 10.11.1.  Oh and if you can't find it I'll do some more testing then and see If I can figure out the cause myself.  From my previous tests last night I can tell you it seems that garbarge is being feed to the OSCs accumulator as you can adjust the gain and filter to kill the garbage and the garbage has the shape of the waveform but it come in and out at random frequencies (if this were analog I'd think it was shielding problem there).