JUCE 5: AudioProcessorEditor receives all mouse events

My current plugin is based on Juce 4.3.1. After switching to 5.0.2 the child components of my AudioProcessorEditor do not receive mouse events anymore, instead all are received by AudioProcessorEditor now.

What could have caused this - or better what should I do so that all child components work as before?

Hmm - if we’d broken it so that no child components could get messages, then everyone’s plugins would be completely broken… So I guess you must be doing something odd to make this happen, but I can’t imagine what it might be!

Thanks, jules,

for the fast response!
I am not saying something broke in JUCE, but something has changed in 5.*, which evolves some strange behaviour in my child components. Something that could give me a hint where to look for? (Its pretty hard to debug… since no mouse events arrive in the child components anymore…)

Honestly have no idea how you’d get it into that state… If it was me I’d try tracing the incoming events to see what happens to them.

A few ideas, where to start digging:

  • Are you using setOpaque(false) ? It could be, that this was still working, but is now checked in another way to propagate mouse events…?

  • Did you implement custom hitTest methods for your components? Maybe add DBG statements there…

  • Otherwise you could add DBG statements in Components hitTest and print the ComponentID, if you set that to something useful.

Good luck