Mouse events on an AudioProcessorEditor


I am porting a mature codebase over to use JUCE and have a limited time frame in which to do it. My intention is, essentially, to treat JUCE as a wrapper around existing code, in a similar manner to that we’ve used with VST, AU, etc. over the last decade and a half.

Using the Projucer I have a lovely VS solution [I am very impressed with this bit of kit!], have brought in my code as sub projects, and got everything set up as it should be.

On the audio side I have processBlock extracting the WritePointers and passing those to my existing process calls. All is well :slight_smile:

On the visual side, I have derived a graphics buffer via which I can marshal all my drawing calls and pass my pixels around in a format JUCE approves. All is well :slight_smile:

However, now I wish to intercept mouse movements - enter, exit, move, down, etc. I see that Projucer gives me a new class

 NewProjectAudioProcessorEditor  : public juce::AudioProcessorEditor

and I see that juce::AudioProcessorEditor inherits from juce::Component which in turn inherits from juce::MouseListener.

However, in my NewProjectAudioProcessorEditor if I attempt to override a mouse event, e.g.

class NewProjectAudioProcessorEditor  : public juce::AudioProcessorEditor
    void mouseEnter(const MouseEvent& event) override;

I am told in no uncertain terms that “member function declared with ‘override’ does not override a base class member” which surprises me. All the mouseXxx functions are declared virtual and public in MouseListener, and, so far as I can tell, aren’t moved to private in Component or AudioProcessEditor… So why can I not override them in this new class? Is there an alternative method around this?

I have even tried just a very simple class to test:

class bip : public juce::MouseListener
    void mouseEnter(const MouseEvent& event) override;

Same result.

Note - Once the product is released, I intend to revisit and refactor the current internal components and drawing to a more JUCE-centric, but at the moment the existing codebase has been 15-20 internal UI components and there isn’t space within the time frame to take mature, tested code from one format into a new one and test them all, etc.!

While I have been coding for nearly forty years, thirty of them professionally, I’m new to JUCE, tho’ remember Jules talking about it on KvR a couple of decades ago…! I know what I want to do can be done - it’s just finding the way that JUCE does it so I can pass the interactions on to what I currently have. Getting mature codebases to talk to each other is not new ground to me, but could just do with an insight into why things I think ought to work… aren’t!

Maybe I’m just tired. Maybe I need a cup of tea.

Any suggestions about this welcomed!


just a shot in the dark, but is it possible that your codebase has another type called MouseEvent, which is why it’s not seeing those functions as virtual overrides?

You can try writing const juce::MouseEvent& and see if that makes a difference

Try juce::MouseEvent with those instead. (By default everything in Juce requires the juce:: prefix now.)


You both are absolute darlings, thank you…

It’s one of those occasions where one ends up staring at a thing and can’t work out who it is that needs to have a good think about their place in the universe.

It is solved. Now to work out the keypress functionality!

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