JUCE 5 has been released!

Title says it all… Hope you like the new features!


Where is the list of new features?

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… the URL behind the link “this flag” in the login page of the new Projucer points to a location that doesn’t seem to exist: https://github.com/WeAreROLI/JUCE/blob/5.0.0/extras/Projucer/JuceLibraryCode/AppConfig.h


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oops! The 5.0.0 tag just hasn’t reached github yet - should be there shortly and that link will magically come alive…

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Ok thanks.
Sorry for bringing it up here, I just wanted to warn you early so that you could fix it before getting tons of reports.

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where is the DSP class?


Inter App Audio yay!!! Thanks a lot!!!
The new pricing policy also shows the Roli/Juce is really about empowering entrepreneurs/mad-scientists hahahaha!

Amazing, guys!


Congrats on an awesome release I’m sure.
Though I really wish JUCE would get minimal testing.
Clean build on a clean machine (never had JUCE, pulled latest master, opened Xcode and built).

Started Login process… and where it said Let’s Start to get it running it eventually crashed…

P.S - The new LookAndFeel is really cool. looking well.


Congratulations!..20 chars

Yes, the new licensing is great, I am an Android dev and wanted to get into messing around with C++ and a framework that abstracted MIDI and the audio stream.

There are definitely developers that value your decision and I am one of them. I fully intend on getting a pro license in the next year or so just to support development but this is still great for a non committal entry point.

Let us know how you get along with audio development on Android, as it’s basically non-existant lol

Well yeah I have been doing Android for a while now and I get where you are coming from but, things change and I am not really worried about crushing the market with sales. Right now I mainly make apps based on Caustic’s audio engine.

I have a little drum machine up right now and a library app for use with Caustic. I am looking towards the future, I have other things I am doing and not planning my near future on pro audio with Android just yet, but that doesn’t mean time isn’t going to pass and things change, they always do.

holy shitballs, Caustic is basically Reason with Atari graphics! that is amazeballs.

I know this is OT and I won’t hijack this thread any more but I am not Rej (the developer of Caustic), I have been working with him for 5+ years and use his audio engine through OSC and native C++ calls. Still, he managed in 2011 to do some neat stuff on Android but he was smart, it was sequencer oriented.

The problem with Android right now is latency(touch/dsp roundtrip) as we all know, that is the only thing that defines Pro Audio to me IMHO, other than CPU power.

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Congratulations guys !

Congratulations! :slight_smile:
Really liking the new licensing scheme.

Are the new interface styles and components presented somewhere?

Are the docs behind GIT? Looking for info on IPv6. Is that on every platform?


Will there be a cadence for minor and patch releases?