JUCE 5: Projucer unlocking fails

After purchasing a JUCE 5 license I got a serial to redeem a license within the Projucer. The new Projucer splash screen has a “redeem your license here” link at the bottom which opens a new page in my browser where I can enter that serial. But confirming it brings me to the obviously unavailable page

projucer://register-product=‘my serial number’

This page was probably intended to be opened within the Projucer… Hope a fix comes soonish.

After clicking on the “redeem your license here”, click the big “purchase Indie license” button in the middle which interestingly doesn’t show a purchase page but the redeem page within the Projucer… hmm…

I’m on OSX btw.

Yes sorry. There is a server-side fix for this on the way. There was an issue with staging serves.

Oh, and Command-v for pasting doesn’t work on these splash screens. Neither for pasting the user account password, nor for pasting the serial.

Right click and choosing ‘paste’ from the context menu does work though. But that’s definitely not the way your target audience pasts text :wink:


OK we’ve fixed the redeem process now. Sorry about that.

The Command+v will probably have to wait a bit - but please use right-click paste for now.

The Command+v is now fixed on develop. We will be releasing a few hotfixes soon (including this bug) and re-upload updated binaries.