Juce 6 app compile on Fedora


I developed a convolver using Juce that allows folks to compare different FIR filters that were developed by Digital Room Correction products. It is both a plugin and standalone for both Mac and Windows.

In standalone mode, it uses BlackHole on Mac and Virtual Audio Cable on Windows to loopback a music application’s output into the input of the convolver and the output of the convolver out to a DAC. All works well.

I have had requests to compile the convolver on Linux and in particular Fedora 30 - 5.4.21-104.sgc.fc30.armv7hl I know very little about Linux…
Is it possible to compile the Juce application for this target?

MPD is the music player. From what I can ascertain, I could use ALSA loopback driver so MPD output → ALSA loopback input → ALSA loopback output → Convolver Input → convolution ->Convolver Output → ALSA Output Device. Possible?

Thanks for any advice.

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JUCE is known to compile on armv7l and aarch64 without extra efforts.
The common method for audio routing/chaining is the jackd. But ALSA loopback is possible too.
I’ll be glad to help port your app on Linux.