Convolution reverb - how to start? [OS: Windows 10]

hi, im beginner in Juce but i have knowledges about programming (C/C++/basic stuff of MAX MSP/embebed systems).
I want to start to create some VST plugins, specifically a Convolution Reverb.
Can anyone tell me how to start?
I readed all the “gettin started tutorials” and now im reading the “DSP tutorials” but i feel im only doing a copy/paste work and openning demos.
Anyone have a book or information that guide me in this?

Thanks and sorry for my english
Greetings from Argentina


I would start by checking out KlangFalter:


thanks for the answer. But im working in Windows 10 (visual studio 2017) and the KlangFalter is for Mac so i cant compille it, tell me if im wrong.
Do you have any project like that for Windows?

thanks again

The binaries are for Mac. The source code should be cross platform. (The code would be of very poor quality JUCE based code if it can’t be compiled for Windows…)

When i open the .juce file, in the list “Selected Exporter” only appears XCode(MacOSX) and Linux makefile as options.
Can i change that for select Visual studio?

Yes, add the Visual Studio exporter in the Projucer. (With the + button that is on the lower right of the exporters panel.)

thanks for the patience haha. I added the VS how you said me but when I tried to compile the project it appears some errors.

now im trying to understand how the “convolutionDemo” of Juce works.
i think i’ll keep searching some info about that project. it looks simplier to start.

thanks for your time

Yeah, in fact the code base was not completely compatible with Visual Studio and the latest JUCE. I am trying to fix the errors and will make a pull request for the KlangFalter developer if I succeed.

By the way, that project uses JUCE 4 and thus it does not utilize the convolution from the JUCE DSP module introduced in JUCE 5. (I am now updating it to build with Visual Studio and JUCE 5. I am not touching the convolution parts, though. I suppose the original author has known what he is doing.)

great!, i’ll wait for news about that

I had not realized what you mentioned about the Juce 4,

I made a fork with fixes for Visual Studio (2017) and JUCE 5 :

This removed the option in Projucer to copy/use a repo local copy of JUCE, so you will need to point the Projucer project to where your JUCE modules are. (I like my projects to use one central JUCE source tree, so that’s why I removed the use of the project local JUCE source.)


hi, thanks for the reply and sorry for the insistence. But when i try to compile this project (“save and open IDE”) this message appears:

thats my path config:
(i downloaded the SDKs folder from the Steinberg’s page).

im doing something wrong? (im working with Visual Studio 2017)