First attempt at compiling juce library in devc++

Hi all,

this is my first time using compilers and also my first time trying to use Juce. I want to go on to make VST effect plugins with it.

I’m using DevC++ cause it’s free and i’ve been reading the readme doc that comes with juce.

I have tried compiling the libjuce.a file but it doesn’t seem to work. I get a list of ****.o files when i try to compile but no libjuce.a file. I have searched my HD for this file with no luck. Is it necessary to download microsoft SDK before i try to compile the juce library?

Is there anyone who uses DevC++ and Juce who could give me some hints and tips, bearing in mind i’m a noob at C++ and compiling?

I have experience using html, php, mysql and actionscript for flash so i’m not new to programming code, just to this particular type of coding.

Once i’ve got Juce set up, is it a lot easier to use than just programming in C++? I have seen some sample Juce code and it looks similar to web-based languages so i’m hoping i can go ahead with this.



DevC++ is not good to use, it is old and not at all complient.

If you want to go the free route, Visual C++ 2k5 is really one of the best, sans installing things. If you don’t want to use VS then Code::Blocks is the popular non microsoft IDE, using it with the MC++ tookit is best.

But stay away from DevC++, it is horrible to work with.

your the 2nd person to say that about devc so i guess i’ll heed your advice and go with ms visual.

Cheers for your help.

Hi lordlupin,

I went through the same thing before and got a lot of support from here. haydxn created some tutorials for JUCE and setup info for the newbies like us. I had a lot of fun following his tutorial and learned quickly.

Get yourself the free MS Visual C++ 2005 Express and the platform SDK.

After installing them, follow this thread.

It might help you with some problems you might encounter.

Good luck!