Dev-C++ (or how to impress your mom and friends in 14 steps)

Step 1: Install Dev-C++

Step 2: Update! Goto tools–>check for updates/packages. Check for updates. Check Directx9 devpack, download selected and install.

Step 3: “install” Juce, preferrably to c:\juce or d:\juce (dont double your paths when extracting!)

Step 4: open “\juce\build\win32\devcpp\”

Step 5: in juce_win32_Threads.cpp, change

include "crtdbg.h" 


       include "crtdbg.h" 


step 6: same file as above. in Process:terminate() change…



    #ifdef PLATFORM_WIN32_MSVC 

(I suggest Jules add this, or similiar, to the lib btw for those of us who dont have access to crtcbg.h or similiar without a massive searching headache)

step 7: Compile! in 1.4 this will make libjuce.a, in 1.3 it makes juce.a. You need the file to be called libjuce.a

step 8: New project, win32 GUI, c++

step 9: Remove Main.cpp (right click, remove file).

step 10: Add file “\juce\projects\example project for Win32\main.cpp”

step 11: Alt-P (project options) -> Directories tab, and add “\juce\bin” to your library directories.

Step 12: Still inside project options (alt-p), add this to linker parameters. “-ljuce -lmsvfw32 -lwinmm -lrpcrt4” without the quotes.

step 13: Compile and link! following these steps from no install to build on a computer I havent used Juce on worked great.

step 14: Run executable to say hi to the world.

If there’s any errors you have, just let me know and Ill see if I left out a step or something.

v1.3.1 revisions: Another obvious one, run executable. Just in case someone expected compile and run automatically :wink:

v1.3 revisions: Forgot to suggest removing main.cpp, one of those “No one will forget to do that will they?” things ya know?

v1.2 revisions: Added update procedure for directX, needed for dsound.h and the various trinkets jules uses from it.

v1.1 revisions: Added steps to remove crtdbg.h for non MSVC compilers.

Well as I haven’t gotten a reply from KvR, I’ll ask here: Dev-C++ can’t seem to find wctype.h, is this a path problem or something?

Honestly, you might want to consider downloading the MS Visual C++ Express Beta (which is free)… then follow the directions in the Express thread.

It compiles fine, and it’s a much better IDE (with much better compiled filesizes as well).

Would I be better with express or Visual C++ 6?

express is working great for all of us so far…

I personally feel more comfortable in vc6, but that’s where my little bit of windows experience comes into play.

Is express going to stay free once it gets out of beta?

I don’t think anyone really knows… however Karbon and Robert have mentioned that it might be in response to all the free compilers out there. Consider it competition… so maybe we’ll be lucky and it’ll stay free.

I can tell you, it is definately better than Dev-C++, and I’ll keep using it until something happens otherwise. It’s that much better.

Ok, I’ll get it then. :smiley:

It seems that the Make which Dev-C++ uses (GNU Make?) does not like blank spaces so it’s best to rename/copy this folder to
"example-project-for-Win32" or so or copy the main.cpp to an own project folder without blank spaces.

With the blank spaces I got the following message:

blimey, that’s a bit pathetic, isn’t it? I’ll change the name.

Uh, if the filepath is in quotations (""), then it should be taken literal, spaces and all, at least with the versions I use.

Well, in google I found a mailing list entry of the GNU Make developers that they wanted to fix that issue (from 2003 or so). Don’t know why this is still a problem (I used Dev-C++

But I tend to generally avoid blank spaces in paths to avoid problems. :wink:

This has changed in Juce 0.21: Some more library files have to be added.

Better do whatever the actual Juce installation documentation says. :wink:

In the documentation, it is not specified that libopengl32.a is needed…