Problems with DEVCPP


Hello World… just hello I mean :lol:

I introduce myself : i’m French (sorry for my english lol), i’m programming for a long time in Java, C, VB, assembly and i have some basics in object programming in C++.

I have just downloaded JUCE and DEV and I have tried to follow the FAQ to install them together. But that doesn’t work, DEV is bugging, and when I open the project (which is in “c:\juce\build…”), DEV shows me a Warning Dialog : “Could not create directory. Check your settings”. If I try to compile, this msg appears a lot of times, and that finishes on a bug that crashes the soft…

I don’t know what to do, someone can help me ? I have tested the Hello World project of DEV and it works fine… And i’m on Win98 SE…

Thanks !


I must tell you too I haven’t done the update of DirectX 9, because the update is buggy too and because I have seen somewhere this update is useless with this new version of Dev C++, the librairies are installed yet… And I have seen too Platform SDK is useless with DirectX9…

What can I do ??? Someone has been able to use Juce with the most recent version of Dev C++ ?


First problem resolved alone 8) I have opened the dev file and i have removed the entries for EXE folder and Object folder…

But now, the compiler is bugging because DEV C++ does not include all of the DirectX 9 files, like the dsound.h one… And now I’m bocked because I can’t download the update for DirectX9…

Any solutions ?


get MS Visual C++ Express Beta.


Thanks :wink: I have not tested it… I just hope it doesn’t decrease the performances of my machine like VC++ 5 did a long time ago :?

Else, DEV C++ is really strange, it is full of bugs and apparently, since the last version, it seems really hard to use it with Juce…


I think I can’t install it because i’m on Win98 SE… The Core SDK is fo Windows Server or WinXP :shock:

But… I have seen that the update manager in Dev C++ is checking the website to look for packages and updates… I have tried to open it and I have done a search with the “DirectX” keyword… I found the package and now I have compiled the JUCE library 8) :lol:

Now, the next time I will go here will be to present my project based on JUCE finished :evil:


Oh, and the FAQ forgets to say the libjuce.a must be in “C:\Devcpp\Lib”, and after that we must add the “C:\Juce” folder in the Compiler Options… After, the Hello World will work fine :wink: