Juce 6 Projucer issue

There is a problem with Projucer in Juce version 6…

In previous versions of just, the “Global Paths” app in Projucer would (among other file paths), set the following SDK paths:

  • VST (legacy ver 2.x) SDK
  • VST 3 SDK
  • Android SDK

In the latest version (6) of Juce, the Projucer “Global Paths” app do NOT set/update either of the following:

  • VST3 SDK

Because of this, I have been having problems with building Juce application on Mac (because I did not have version 5.x on my Mac, and did not set those prior to using ver 6 on my project).

I hope the Juce team will fix this ASAP.

Don’t know about the ASIO SDK (never used it), but the VST3 SDK is included in the JUCE download, and is the version you should use now with JUCE. So no need to specify that one any more.

Yes, that’s by design. If you really need to use a custom VST3 SDK then you can still do it, but you’ll need to set the header paths yourself. By default JUCE will use the VST3 SDK that is distributed with JUCE.

You cannot use the ASIO SDK on macOS, so you’ll need to provide a little more information before we can work out what’s going wrong.

After a lot of experimentation, it seems like the problem I was having was related to a Projucer project file that was created on Windows, and then moved to Mac.

More info can be found on this thread:
Juce based project builds on Windows but not on Mac