Why when I open projucer I don't get the "normal" interface?

Why when I open projucer I don’t get the “normal” interface? I mean for example I don’t have the options “Build” and “GUI Editor” and I have the interface like when you want to continue an already existing project.
P.S. Also in the global paths, SDKs, I can only set VST (Legacy) SDK, AAX SDK, RTAS SDK (deprecated) and Android SDK and I don’t have for example VST2 VST3 etc.

If you are following tutorials or courses that are based on JUCE 5, you might indeed have some difficulties finding your way in Projucer 6.

In Projucer 6, in order to see the “Build” and “GUI Editor” menus, you first need to enable them in the “Tools” menu:

JUCE contains the VST3 SDK since JUCE 5.4.0, so the “VST3 SDK” global path became obsolete then, and was removed from the Global Paths in JUCE 6.

“VST”, “VST2”, and “VST (Legacy)” all mean the same thing.

I hope this helps.

Ok thanks so if have downloaded a folder named VST_SDK in which there are vst2 vst and vst3 sdk folders I can just put VST_SDK as VST LEGACY path right?

IIRC the VST3 SDK is bundled with JUCE now so you don’t need to download it seperately and you’ll only need the VST2 (AKA VST, VST legacy, etc.) if you want to build VST2 plugins which, if you don’t have a VST2 license (which Steinberg no longer issue) is pretty much pointless.

Ok thanks Jimmy. By the way I noticed you help me often on this forum. I appreciate it.