Juce 7.0.2, Windows: AudioPluginHost Show All Parameters dialog not repainting

Hi All,

In AudioPluginHost, right clicking on a plugin gives you the option “Show all parameters” brings up a window listing all plugin parameters with sliders and value boxes for each. The window initially draws properly with correct values, but when dragging a slider, the slider itself doesn’t appear to move and the value text box doesn’t update. However, values are being trasmitted to our plugin and the appropriate value to text functions that we’ve provided are being called. Further, if I click away from the window as a whole or cause it to be repainted in some other way then things are good again.

I’ve been stepping through code on macOS - which works - and comparing it to Windows. Apart from differences in AccessibilityHandler::notifyAccessibilityEvent() which is platform specific and, to be honest, I ran out of time trying to follow it, I can’t see any differences in processing for the actual mouse event. And apart from the value to text callbacks, none of the code involved has anything to do with our plugin.

Has anyone else seen this happening? Setting break points in the actual paint code would be a nightmare, as I need to spot the occasions when it isn’t being called on Windows but is being called on Mac and distinguish those events from all the occasions when the paint code is being called on both platforms :frowning:

Any suggestions about what to do next would be most welcome. Thanks.

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Update: My primary dev platform is macOS and I build and check Windows versions inside a Parallels VM (currently V18.0.1). When I run everything on a real Windows machine, this problem goes away. Both environments are running Windows 10 Pro, though the versions and builds are subtly different - 20H2 on the PC and 21H1 in the VM, though this probably isn’t important. At least it lowers the priority of this for me from ‘potential showstopper as our Windows builds don’t completely work’ to ‘works on a real PC but don’t try this inside a VM’. I’d still like to understand the behaviour, though.

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